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Bath cube

Bath cube

Summer is a long time coming, but don't worry - we already have the right product for you today! Discover the new collection of our CBD bath cubes and be enchanted by the beneficial effects.

Our CBD bath cubes are the perfect addition for relaxing baths that pamper body and mind. The combination of natural ingredients and high-quality CBD ensures an incomparable bathing experience.

Why our CBD bath cubes?

Nourishing ingredients: High-quality oils and natural extracts nourish the skin and leave it supple and soft.
Aromatherapy: Exquisite essential oils spread pleasant fragrances that enhance well-being.
Easy to use: Simply add a bath cube to the warm bath water and enjoy the relaxing effect.
Available fragrances:

Miclh & Honey: For deep relaxation and a restful sleep.
Eucalyptus & Citrus: Invigorating and refreshing, perfect for an energy boost.
Rose: Romantic and harmonizing, for a luxurious bathing experience.
Blueberry: Cooling and invigorating, ideal after a long day.

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