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New New Year's Eve

New New Year's Eve

  • 31. Dec. 2022

In the communities of Urnäsch, Hundwil, Schwellbrunn, Schönengrund, Stein, Herisau, Teufen, Speicher and Bühler, the "Wüeschte", the "Schöwüeschte" and the "Schöne" are already ringing early in the morning.

In Appenzell, the turn of the year is celebrated twice. According to the Gregorian calendar on 31 December and according to the Julian calendar on 13 January. On the dates mentioned, the New Year's Eve hooligans are out and about. A distinction is made between "beautiful Chläus", "wüeschti Chläus" and "Naturchläus". The beautiful ones wear elaborately decorated headdresses with scenes from rural life, which are lovingly handcrafted in hundreds of hours of free time. The deserts and natural lice captivate with elaborate, wildly decorated hats, bonnets and masks. From early in the morning the Silvesterchläuse are out and about, moving from house to house and wishing everyone "es guets Neus" with devout singing and lüpfigen "Zäuerli". In the evening they are out and about in the inns until midnight. If you want to join them in the evening, you should book a table in one of the inns early.

By the way: If 31 December or 13 January falls on a Sunday, they steal on the preceding Saturday.

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