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Urnäscher Bloch

Urnäscher Bloch

  • 12. Feb. 2024 from 04:30 - 17:30 o'clock

The Urnäscher Blochgesellschaft is the only one to be an association with written statutes and adult members, some of whom remain active for decades. This is also the reason that it is considered the most magnificent Blochzug. The trunk bears an arch with the Urnäscher coat of arms on the front side and a small upright tree at its rear end, with colored napkins fluttering on its branches. A Russian blacksmith sits astride the tree and hammers on a brightly sounding anvil. Directly in front of him smokes a furnace fed with brushwood. From time to time, the blacksmith grabs a gusher with a pair of forging tongs, lights the fuse in the furnace, and lets the gusher crack. On the front end of the log stands a carnival carter with an elongated pointed cap and brandishing a whip. Behind him sit two musicians with wind instruments who have to provide entertainment on the long march.

The Urnäscher Bloch takes place every 2 years in the even years.

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