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Handwerkertage Waldenburg

Handwerkertage Waldenburg

  • 09. May. 2024 at 00:00 o'clock - 12. May. at 00:00 o'clock

Welcome to the Handwerkertage Waldenburg!

Over the Ascension weekend, May 9-12, 2024, the Craftsmen's Days will take place for the first time in Waldenburg/BL.

In a medieval setting, the Craftsmen's Days 2024 will offer various workshops in different areas of ancient and medieval crafts. There will also be a camp area for overnight stays and storage for those interested.

Individuals are just as welcome to camp as clubs and clans/clans.

Those who do not wish to camp are also welcome to visit the Crafts Days as day guests and visitors.

However, day guests who wish to take part in a workshop must complete the registration form!

We need you!
You can and want to contribute something to the Handwerkertage? Then...

... offer your own workshop!

... help prepare dinner together!

... think of something for the evening entertainment program by the fire!

... contact us and share your ideas with us!

About us:

We are Mike and Ronya. Both part of the medieval scene in Switzerland for many years.

Mike was on the road with Torgus for many years and is still actively involved in WuMS today. Ronya is on the road with Alvitur Balti and has organized several events for her clan, such as the Althing and the medieval Christmas market in Rheinfelden.
While Mike got into the scene through fighting and only discovered crafting later, Ronya has always been interested in crafting. Today, we often meet up to work together and have dedicated ourselves primarily to the materials fabric and leather.
Together we have decided to pass on our passion for medieval crafts and to offer interested people the opportunity to get to know different crafts. At the same time, we want to give other craft enthusiasts the opportunity to pass on their craft and passion in the same way. This is how the Waldenburg Craft Days and the workshop concept were born.

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