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Stärnestaub - the enchanting Musical from and on Basel

Stärnestaub - the enchanting Musical from and on Basel

  • 15. Dec. 2023 at 20:00 o'clock - 31. Dec. at 22:30 o'clock

The 5th encore in a row because of great success

The story...begins during a carnival on a roof by the Rhine. There sits 73-year-old Florian, waiting for his Fasnacht magic fairy, who promised him at a Fasnacht in the fifties to take him to her, even before it strikes four o'clock on Thursday morning from the Martinskirche.
"If d'ra glaubsch", she had said at that time. Since this incident, Florian sits every Fasnacht waiting on the roof of his house and today, so he is convinced, she will make her promise come true.

Fire chief Brändli threatens to thwart this. As an incorrigible realist, he does not believe in miracles. He would be only too happy to accept the coveted life-saving certificate for saving Florian from the roof. Florian, on the other hand, cares little about this. He believes in miracles and is still head over heels in love. Anyone who knows this state of affairs knows that even the fire department is powerless against it.

In an adventurous way, Florian lets the fire chief experience in flashbacks how it all began and introduces him to the art of turning thoughts into reality. Brändli experiences that miracles still happen today - as long as you believe in them strongly enough. On his path to knowledge, the fire chief makes acquaintance with talking trees, decommissioned Rhine ships, the fifties rock 'n roll spirit and the Basel rats that have been set up.

One thing is certain. The fire chief is no longer the same at the end of the story. And the dream of old Florian? Will it come true? Will the carnival magic fairy keep her promise?

"Lift Dyny Dräum
and imagine it,
only if you have a dream
makes a dream come true"
.... so it says in their song "Phantasie".

"an optimal result, which convinced even skeptics from the first note" (W. Erzberger on the new production).

with: Alex Felix, Jonas Göttin, Helena Bühler, Roland Niederer, Noemi Schaerer, Colette Greder, Flurina Eckinger, Balz Aliesch, David Pavlus, Adrian Borter, Philipp Borghesi, Andreas Lucco, Fabienne Jäggi, Peter Hanel. Andrej Ichtschenko, Band: Alain Veltin, Fred Lang, Johannes Gutfleisch, Dominik Schürmann, Joël Eschbach.
Director: Tumasch Clalüna
Stage&costumes: Manfred Schmidt
Production: Vivi Simone, Nathalie Manthey, Eva Hefti

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