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  • 11. Nov. 2022

Accompanied by the beating of drums and timpani, the city council, the guild "Heini von Uri" and the organizers with the invited guests move to the festival square after noon. Afterwards, the first beater - after a glass of wine and a few turns around his own axis - faces the Gansabhauet. Dressed in a red cloak, armed with a blunt dragoon saber, their eyes bandaged behind a golden sun mask, the young men and women try to separate the fowl from the head of a lifeless goose with a single blow. Whoever succeeds in this feat will receive not only fame and honor but also a delicious feast. The successful beater - in 2019 for the first time a woman succeeded in the decisive blow - may take the goose home. The prize of the Gansabhauet was in the past and still is the goose.

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11. August 2022

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