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2000 years legendary - the historical town festival

2000 years legendary - the historical town festival

  • 21. Aug. 2021 at 00:00 o'clock - 22. Aug. at 00:00 o'clock

The most important epochs of Solothurn's history - the founding period, the Middle Ages, the Baroque era, industrialisation, the '68 era, the present and the future - are brought to life for two days.
At the same time, important strands of history are told: The fear of Bern, the Reformation and Wengi, Solothurn as a hub of the French mercenary system, the Jesuits and the construction of the municipal theatre, and many other events and developments that still shape Solothurn today.

2000 years is a long time. In detail and on the whole, 2020 and 2021 will tell many stories. Above all, the aim is to create an awareness of the enormous time span of 2000 years.

Further information will follow.

Die Publikation dieser Anzeige wird ermöglicht durch GA Weissenstein GmbH.

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