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Mexican Culture - Tacos from the stall on the street

Mexican Culture - Tacos from the stall on the street

While everyday life creates many social rifts, when it comes to tacos, everyone agrees: "It's part of our culture and everyday life." This applies for all regions, all social classes and throughout the entire day. Important contacts are made and decisions are taken while eating tacos. And it is one of the last places where the bank manager sits down at the same table with the nurse and the street worker.

In our culture, the concept of taco eating is hardly known. Those who have not already experienced the original in the region during a vacation probably only know it from advertising. And the image of the hard shell taco from the chain restaurant could hardly have less to do with the reality of the street taco.

Taco stands can be found everywhere: At the crossroads in the village, in a small eatery in the city center, in the food court of any large shopping mall - and even in the luxury district - and each has its own identity. At larger intersections, it is not uncommon to find a thriving food stall in all four corners. Every child knows his or her favorite taco stand in the neighborhood, but it it common to drive or take the bus for quite a while to find exactly the specialty you're in the mood for.

The taco journey begins at breakfast, often with the lighter steamed tacos filled with pulled meat, beans or potatoes. If you like it a little more substantial, look for a birria: slow and tender cooked meat, traditionally goat or oxtail but also beef. The very popular carnitas are just as delicious: mixed pork slowly cooked in its own fat. Literally the whole pig is used, depending on the region.

At lunchtime, the taco landscape looks quite different, dominated by 'guisados', the more complex fillings often presented in a sauce. There are delicacies such as a mole, a chili and spice paste that, depending on the region, brings its own flavor and is sometimes prepared for days. Different pieces of meat are processed to local specialties with sauces from red or green tomatoes, chilies, nuts. In the coastal regions there you will find fish and seafood, both fried or cooked. As an common classic there is the very tasty smoked marlin. Lunch time in Mexico is spread over several hours, depending on profession, region and heat, and takes place somewhere between 11:00 and 15:00.

In the evening and at night, again we find a completely different picture, fire dominates the stalls. The king of the tacos presents itself on the vertical skewer, the Taco al Pastor. Thinly sliced layers of pork, bacon and onions piled up and grilled in front of charcoal, similar to the arabic grill specialties already known here. The marinade is unique to each stand and the recipe is protected by the taqueros like their own lives. On top of the spit sits a fresh pineapple, a slice of the grilled sweet fruit is added to each taco. Also everything else that can be prepared on the grill is served. Steak, head meat or vegetables.

And what connects all taco stands? The selection of onions, cilantro, lemon and fresh salsas. Again, everyone has their own recipe, however a taco isn't complete until you've topped it to your liking.

Tacos are a versatile option for events. There are different fillings to choose from, so there is something for every guest, the hungry among them can always order more and during the meal it is wonderful to continue to exchange. Are you interested to learn more? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

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